RTP vs. House Edge: What are the differences?

RTP vs. House Edge

“The house always wins”, surely you have heard that phrase, right? This phrase is so old that it is even very worn, and if you are a lover of online casino games, we have to talk about it. But to understand it, you have to know what it is and what are the differences between the RTP and the house advantage.

Are you ready? So, keep reading with me because you cannot bet successfully without knowing these two parameters that casinos use. And since we started this introduction with an old phrase, let’s end with another that suggests the importance of this article: “information is power!” Join us!

What is RTP?

RTP means “Return to Player”, that is, “return to the player”. This return is a theoretical calculation of the percentage that any casino game, like an online slot machine, for example, will return to the player over time.

Do you want a practical example? Here goes: Imagine you place a $1 bet on a slot machine that has an RTP of 95%. In theory, you expect to receive $95, right? But we say “in theory” because the nature of a game of chance is its variants, and against them there is nothing to do.

What is the house edge?

house edge

Like the RTP, the house edge is a parameter that can be measured in percentage. However, the RTP calculation is measured inversely. In the practical example we gave above, we would say that the house edge is 5%.

If a casino game has an RTP of 97.5%, the house edge is 2.5%. And it is through these parameters that we can assess our risk in a bet. It is worth remembering that the commission that grants the license of the game is in charge of carrying out the tests to verify the information, and this is how we can trust the data that the game developers disclose.

“The house always wins”

Now that we have understood what RTP and house edge are and what is the difference between the two, we need to talk about the phrase. Just like players, casinos also need to make a profit, and the mechanism for this is the mathematical representation that the house has over the player, as we have just explained.

But the motto “the house always wins” is an incomplete sentence, so it does not reflect the truth. The correct thing to say would be that “the house always wins in the long run”—which can be easily explained.

To exemplify what we are talking about, imagine a player who has just won his second bet in some game. Theoretically, the casino did not make a profit on the player, but the tendency of this player is to keep betting, so his probability of returning the winnings to the house is very high.

The games that offer the most advantages to the player

advantages to the player

Let us now see which are the 3 games that offer the highest RTP percentage to the player:


Roulette lasts over time and is always a game of great advantage for the player.

Bodog offers us two types of classic roulette: American and European. European roulette has the most advantageous RTP: 97%

Online slots

Online slots, also called “slots”, have an RTP that ranges between 90% and 95%, or a little more than that. An online slot that offers between 95% and 96% is always considered a good game to bet on. To find out the RTP of an online slot machine, just enter the game and click on the “Help” or “Game Rules” tab.


Like all games of chance, blackjack is also a game in which chance defines the outcome. However, the skill level of the player can help decide the game. The most skilled bettors can get an RTP between 96% and 97%.

We conclude that…

No matter how high the RTP of a game (or the house edge, whatever you want to call it) is, we must never forget the luck factor. The RTP can reach 99%… But if you are unlucky, the 1% house edge will reign!

Be sure to take advantage of the bonuses on offer to increase your gaming capital without putting your own money at risk, and take advantage of the demo versions to get to know the games and practice a bit before betting with real money. And never forget the ultimate goal: have fun!

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