More elaborate betting strategies

betting strategies

Check out some more complex sports betting strategies.


It is about doubling the amount so that, in case the bet is not successful, the loss can be recovered. Suppose you enter by betting $2.00 on an odds worth $3.00: if you lose, you can double the next bet, until you hit. In case of success, the initial value is recovered.

This is a football betting technique that can generate profit, but it is recommended that it not be applied by beginners, since it requires a little more emotional control from the bettor due to losses and the increase in the value of the bet.

Goals until the break

Goals until the break

This is the technique indicated in the case of matches with the possibility of many goals. You can bet on more or less goals during the 90 minutes of the game. Another differential of this type of strategy is the possibility of betting on the number of goals in the first part of the game.

Bet on the underdog

In a game, there is usually the favorite team, which is mainly influenced by sports news. This leads many bettors, of course, to bet on the favorite team in the competition.

But betting on the underdog or against common sense can attract very profitable odds, up to 10 times the amount invested. But, of course, for this type of betting you have to rely on your experience after the championships, which always generate many surprises.


For sports betting beginners, the handicap can be a bit complex to understand, but it’s not, see: positive and negative margins are added to the bets. Handicap is basically to give a team an advantage or a disadvantage. The positives (+) for the underdogs and the negatives (-) for the favorites.

Handicap practice in football betting

football betting

The bookmaker stipulates a minimum number of goals for the winning team, the team that is considered the underdog or “zebra” already starts with a favorable score, while the favorite team starts with a disadvantage. The bet will only be a winner if, even after the goals deducted from the handicap, the final result is favorable to the team bet.

The important thing to note in relation to the handicap is the difference between the European handicap and the Asian handicap, which is due to the fact that the latter does not include a draw as an option, only victory.

Choosing the soccer betting site

If you want to start betting on soccer, it is important that you register on a trusted website, only then will it be possible to combine fun with peace of mind.

Brazilian bettors should have a bookmaker that offers the option of the Portuguese version, which has an excellent reputation, solidity and a good overall rating from users.

Casino, for example, has a wide range of betting options and offers a wide range of guesses, plus dozens of tournaments. But, mainly, what we guarantee to our clients is total security in terms of the confidentiality of the information, guaranteeing complete peace of mind to the bettor, a fundamental condition for good performance when it comes to betting.

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