Bonuses in online casinos: how do they work and what types are there?

Bonuses in online casinos

If you are entering the world of casino games, you will have noticed that online casinos are increasingly booming. This is not only because by playing online casino you can significantly increase your capital, regardless of where you are in the world or what time of day you play.

One of the most attractive factors that tempt more and more players to join online casino sites is the incredible bonuses that they offer. Surely you heard about the “welcome bonus” or the “promotional bonus” or the “rollover” before collecting any bonus. We will be talking about precisely that and much more in this article.

What is a casino bonus?

A bonus, bonus or casino bonus is a kind of prize or compensation that an online gaming site gives you, either in the form of money to spend on bets or free spins to use on slots. This happens as a form of gratuity for registering on the site as a new customer or to keep old ones.

In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you about the different types of bonuses that you can find at online casino sites.

Types of casino bonuses

Types of casino bonuses

First of all, we wanted to clarify that both the characteristics of each bonus and the conditions to obtain it may vary from one site to another. Here we will simply make a general explanation so that you can guide yourself when choosing one bonus or another. Keep in mind that there are sites that offer more than one bonus at a time, which you can combine and get even more bang for your buck.

Now yes, we will tell you a little about the most common casino bonuses that you will find on online gaming platforms:

Welcome bonuses

This is one of the most common casino bonuses. Sometimes you will find it as “first deposit bonus” or “signup bonus”. This is a special bonus that is given to new users for the mere fact of registering on a casino platform and making their first deposit.

Some sites will award the casino welcome bonus for double, triple or even four times your first deposit so that you can use it on your bets on online casino games. Also, you will see that some sites have a whole section dedicated to poker where, of course, they offer a poker bonus for new entrants.

Promotional bonuses

Casino promotional bonuses are usually temporary bonuses that change from time to time and are offered to former users as a thank you for staying on the site. The intention of this bonus is to be able to retain customers and, at the same time, “reward” them in a certain way for their commitment to the platform.

Reload bonuses

A very common type of promotional bonuses are reload bonuses, with which the gaming platform will give you an extra percentage for making your deposit. For example, if the site offers a 50% reload bonus, if you reload $100, the site will reload $150, that is, it will add an extra 50% to your reload.

Usually this bonus has a money cap. Following the example, we could say that it offers you an extra recharge of 50% up to $100.

Free spins bonuses

Free spins bonuses are another type of promotional bonus that is used only for slot machines. These bonuses allow users to play various slot games without putting up a dime! Some sites give away up to 100 free spins as a promotional bonus.

Referral bonuses

Referral bonuses

Some casino gaming sites, such as Bodog, offer a very special bonus known as a “referral bonus” or “refer a friend bonus”. This type of bonus is offered to already active users to recommend the site to a friend.

The prizes can vary depending on the site, but, in general, this type of bonus grants a percentage of money for the registration of your friend that you can use for your bets. And that’s not all, some sites even reward your friend for being referred by you.

Conditions for the use of casino bonuses

As we already mentioned, the conditions under which these bonuses are given to you and the percentage they give you, as well as the number of free spins may vary depending on each site. However, we wanted to tell you about some of the most common conditions requested by online casino sites so that you can choose freely and get the most out of these bonuses:

Minimum deposit amount: Keep in mind that most of the sites that give you a welcome bonus or a reload bonus will ask you to deposit a minimum amount to be able to enjoy this benefit.

Rollover: Another fundamental point to take into account with casino bonuses is rollover, which is the number of times you must bet the amount won in a game before you can withdraw your winnings.

Withdrawal terms: Another very important point is the withdrawal terms. Keep in mind that on some platforms, what you have won with your special bonus does not stay in your account forever, but you will have a limited time to withdraw it. Pay special attention to this and keep it in mind, otherwise you risk losing your prize.

We hope that this information has been useful to you and that you can benefit from the casino bonuses on your next plays. Always read the conditions, terms and percentages so as not to be surprised. Now have fun!

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